Cats Disappearing by the Dozens: Cats 101 Advises

Cats Disappearing by the Dozens: Cats 101 Advises

Cats Disappearing by the Dozens: Cats 101 Advises

Concerned pet owners make note of groups of cats disappearing mysteriously.  Why is this happening  and what's becoming of these animals?  Reports out of Lakewood, Colorado show that about a dozen cats have disappeared in one neighborhood alone.  Neighbors report finding "pieces" of these cats and are frantically trying to solve the puzzle.

A woman walking her dog said that when she takes her dog out at night she has seen "eyes" in the distance under the trees.  "I have also seen raccoons, coyotes and foxes."  We need to employ cats 101 and find out if these small animals are responsible.

As posters go up more reports of groups of missing animals, mostly cats, are received.

The spring and summer months see animals teaching their young to hunt to prepare them for the cold winter months ahead.   Small animals  such as cats and some dogs, become easy prey.

Canada has seen a rash of around 100 cats disappearing during the same time frame.

It is reported that a cat's life span is cut by 40% if it rambles outdoors.  Does this mean that all cats should become indoor cats?  Cats 101 advises for  safety's sake  that cats should be indoor cats and small animals should never be allowed to wander around in the outdoors alone since the law of nature is always at work and the food chain begins at the bottom with the smaller animals.  Of those the fittest survive and the ones that have owners that protect them.

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