Food for Survival Triggers Upswing in Home Gardening

Food for Survival Triggers Upswing in Home Gardening

The need for survival has triggered an upswing in home gardening in 2011.  With every passing month more than 44 million people rely on SNAP to supply their food needs in the USA. Gardens known as "people gardens" are actively producing fresh fruits and vegetables over the entire country for the homeless.

According to US government reports , over 21 million children eat breakfast and lunch, at reduced cost or free, at school everyday. Also, programs are being organized to provide this same service for the evening meal. 2011 has seen American families hit hard with price increases on everything from fuel to food prices at the highest rate since 1990. Many families are planting food for survival in anticipation of increasingly high food prices. May 2011 saw the consumer price index rise to 0.4 percent--the same as in April. Since December the food at home index has risen 3.7 percent.

Home gardening, along with bee keeping and raising chickens for meat and eggs are added ways that families are employing to help with rising food bills. Some fruits and vegetables grown by home gardening are sold for extra income as are the seeds with some being saved for replanting the next year.

As citizens become more involved in home gardening they are learning new ways to save by recycling what they already have and sharing those things.  Everything possible is being recycled even down to the coffee grounds and tea leaves that are being dumped in compost piles and the compost being used to make a tea which is an excellent fertilizer.Even the number of worm bins that also turn garbage into great fertilizer are on the rise.

Yard sales have come to offer plants and seeds for sale and craft markets are featuring homemade solar ovens for preserving the bounty home gardening has produced.

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