Gun Prices Affected By The Sandy Hook Incident

Gun Prices Affected By The Sandy Hook Incident

Gun Prices Affected By The Sandy Hook Incident

With American morning the dramatic incidents that took place at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, speculations are being made that a new law regarding gun ownership will be drafted.

With a series of gun related incidents this year that seem to have culminated in the disaster at Sandy Hook that ended in 26 dead, out of which 20 were children under the age of 8, a far tougher legislation seems to be needed.

Speculations that a law like this is being drafted are creating heated debates between people who consider that guns are too easily available and gun enthusiasts who think this incident will be maneuvered to help the agenda of anti-gun organizations.

Gun sales seem to be increasing country wide and prices are going down as a result, as a combination of factors like the possibility of toughened gun control coupled with President Obama's reelection sparked a spike in gun sales.

On the other hand the possibility of a new, harsher gun law coupled with the Sandy Hook incident made gun maker stocks plummet.

Smith and Wesson suffered a 10 percent fall to this Tuesday while Sturm Rogers also lass about 8 percent.With talks like this going on for years, the Sandy Hook incident seems to be the point of no return in regards to a new gun legislation being adopted.

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