New Software Makes it Simple to Set Up a Competition on Facebook

Contest Domination is the new software product that makes it easy to set up a competition on Facebook without any coding knowledge, and the system is described as having a built-in, highly sophisticated and physcologically-tuned strategy, which magnifies the virality of almost any promotion in any niche.

It is recommended that you go to this offer here now! The creator Travis Ketchum has given no guarantees as to how long he will keep this on the market.

In the Past Not Many People Had the Ability to Set Up a Competition on Facebook

Many people have seen the awesome number of Facebook likes and website hits that can be generated by a well-run competition. They may well have been tempted to set up a competition on Facebook, but in the past the guys at Contest Domination have found that, it was simply beyond all but the most skilled combination of marketing expertise and programmers who can both, code, and use the Facebook App API to its fullest.

So, Contest Domination's Travis Ketchum knew that he was not alone in wanting to set up a competition on Facebook. He says that a large number of marketers have even tried their hand at using Facebook commenting to get people to give answers to a question and incentivized them to answer. The goal in doing that is to gain social credibility through collecting "likes" and "shares", by promising prizes for the best, most correct, or for example "funniest" answers. But, the adjudication has to be done wholly by manual methods, and in fact it is not often appreciated that most times, such informal "contests" are against the Facebook Terms of Service, and may also be contrary to many national, and state laws covering transparency and fairness in competitions.

Travis has stated in broad terms that:

"It is really surprising that it is quite common when browsing Facebook to find informal "comment based" competitions, and the promoters of them can be some of the very large companies who would not normally be expected to flout rules, whether they be those imposed by Facebook or by national statute and regulations."

Contest Domination's management point out that buyers should be truly encouraged by the fact that this system is in at least its second official incarnation and was not originally intended to be anything other than a tool for private use. Therefore, it has been used often previously in real situations and has paid off in massively reduced campaign costs, in many, many promotions and for a very large number of individual clients.

We are sure that many of our readers will now want to visit the Contest Domination offer page here to find out more about how to set up a competition on Facebook, and then rinse and repeat as often as they may wish!

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Phone: 017875170878

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