New WSO launched in Warrior Forum to show beginners how to profit with Google News

New WSO launched in Warrior Forum to show beginners how to profit with google news

To get on page one on google is a website owners dream, never mind to get on position number one. Is there a fast track to get on page 1?Google News is what Harvey Perls Latest WSO in the warrior forum terms it as The Google Backdoor Entrance. Since that's what it really is.

Posting a post in google news takes just about 20 -30 min work and then one waits between 10 to 20 minutes and then boom!! one is on page 1 of google for the keywords one was targeting for.

It doesn't get simpler then that. So there is a fast track and that's called Google news.

Imagine competing with the big boys who've been building there websites for a few months to get on page 1 of google and comes along a google news post and bam! one on page 1.

However there is a downside as not everyone owns a google news site so what then?

Harvey Perl in his latest WSO in The Warrior Forum has released a guide in proofing how he has ranked in his campaigns on page 1 of google and even managed to get Number 1 on page 1 of google.
He tackles as well the problem for those who don't own a Google news site.

"I realize that there are very few people making the most of Google news, lots of people don't even know what is is.So i put together a guide and a bonus video walk through showing step by step how its done"  says Harvey.

To find out more about his offer click here

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