Pro Desks Introduces a New Series of Truck Laptop Stands For Chevrolet

Uppgroup PR – Wednesday, Mar 06th, 2013 Uppgroup Inc. - Pro Desks division announces a new series of truck laptop stands especially made for Chevrolet. Sylvan Lake, Alberta, For Immediate Release.

Pro Desks - Uppgroup Inc. has recently announced they updated their product collection with a new series of truck laptop stands. The new product series includes the most advanced truck laptop stands by Pro Desks. These truck laptop stands are compatible and perfectly fit with any Chevrolet trucks (

If you want a good quality laptop mount for your Chevrolet truck, you should consider the Chevrolet truck desks by Pro Desks. These laptop mounts can easily fit with all GMC as well as the Chevrolet trucks. You have to take note that Pro-Desks feature the Mongoose which is considered the most user-friendly and highly advanced laptop desk available. With this laptop desk, it offers great features than any other laptop desk available in the market. Of course, it is considered as one of the best options in the market. This laptop desk offers a top that is adjustable so that it can fit any computer size including the 17 inches models. Additionally, it can also accommodate laptops that were ruggedized without any problems. Take note that this laptop desk is basically an interchangeable base plate, thus you can move it to a different vehicle if needed. This takes away the hassle of buying a different laptop desk again. All you have to do is to change the base.

Ed Loseth, customer relations manager of Pro Desks, had this to say about the new series of Chevrolet truck laptop stands: "The most innovative product in the new series is the Chevrolet Mongoose vehicle laptop desk. The Mongoose possesses a distinct arm sliding action with free movement and 360 degree rotating pedestal arm that holds the slide. It also offers a rotating option that can easily accommodate even the 17 inch laptops. 99.5% of our universal computer cradles never need repair or warranty work. The Mongoose for the Chevrolet Silverado is the strongest and the most versatile vehicle desk available out there".

The Pro Desks Mongoose is considered one of the best laptop desks available in the market. It is easy to use and boasts its advanced features that make it stand out from the rest. With this laptop desk, it is very professional with sleek finishing along with great features that cannot be matched by other laptop desks in the market at the present. This laptop desk attaches to the rails of the passenger side seat utilizing a customized base plate that no longer requires modifications to the vehicle or drilling anymore.

By teaming up with Gamber-Johnson, it brought the Mongoose to the market. It is evident with this laptop desk took years of modifications in order to come up with the best option in the market. One of the ideal features is the adjustable locking top made out of aluminum. Every side, forward-facing and rearmost clips are modifiable for easy placement on the sides and even the height. With this highly useful feature, it lets you position any laptop to the top, regardless of the depth while leaving all the ports with easy accessibility. Remember that there are no cables that will get in the way or leave unwanted marks anymore. There is also the tilting and rotating clevis that is adjustable beneath for optimum placement while working on the computer. You have the freedom to position it to the desired angle, or rotate it in order to enjoy an ergonomic computing while on the go.

The Mongoose also features an easy to secure mechanism for locking that works by securing the desktop from opening in case of a collision accident. All you have to do is to turn the knobs to “Close” to prevent it from opening or “Lock” it so that your computer will be secured on the top. It is an easy to use system that you can operate in a quick manner to place your computer in your vehicle or to take it out.

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