The New Biogas News App Wins 50 Installs in First Week

The Biogas News App for Android Smartphones is receiving a surprisingly large number of installs for a niche app, the app developer has announced.

Take a look here now if the Biogas News App interests you.

Biogas News App Proves Hit With The Renewable Energy Community

With the rapidly rising numbers of smartphone users, which includes those using devices such as the Apple iPhone, and iPad, and the many competing mobile devices which instead of running the Apple iOS operate using the Google Android operating system, the phone applications which are becoming more popular are not games, at all, but specialist interest news and information apps - like the Biogas News App.

Steve Last said:

"A changeover in the type of app which is popular could well be happening in the app industry. Initially the users of Smartphones saw the apps they installed as simple games, and map type apps. Gradually we are finding that such apps, although they remain very popular are giving way to apps which can be used while on the move to quickly and easily access news and information, and maybe even research products which the user wants to download and user on a laptop or desktop PC when next in front of one."

Whether this is correct or not, the number of installs of this app seems to suggest a substantial demand for apps in niche technical subjects which enable the user to catch up with news and developments in their hobby or business area while travelling, maybe while commuting. In fact, if you are interested in any of the following topics this app might be for you: power generation, renewable energy, green energy, containerised plant, bioenergy, biofuels, biogas, biogas technology, Anaerobic Digestion.

The app which is available to download and install at the Google Play web site, and is reportedly doing very well in terms of user installs.

But what are the sort of subjects covered by this Biogas News app? IPPTS Associates tell us that:

"If you are finding it hard to imagine what subjects the Biogas News app might be likely to cover we would highlight the following topics: Biogas has been popularized in the UK News by Prince Charles other news has been that a Microsoft data center runs from electricity from a renewable energy plant running on biogas power. Biogas can be used to recharge fuel cells as it is a method of power generation. Biofuels is another likely topic with bioenergy, biogas technology, and also very recently "containerized plant for green energy" has been becoming a popular subject. All biogas is however, produced in Anaerobic Digestion Systems (ADS)."

At this point, all there is to left say is that the app is there for you to try-out at the Biogas News App download page. It is free, so we suggest that you do just that!

Name: Steve Symes

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