Women’s Self Empowerment Expert Announces New Book/CD: First Steps to Your Vibrant Spirit!

Debbie Svitavsky

Author, Debbie Svitavsky

Fort Collins, Colorado.  Leading transformational author, speaker, spiritual teacher and mentor, Debbie Svitavsky of Vibrant Spirit, has today announced the release and availability of her new women's self empowerment book and CD - First Steps to Your Vibrant Spirit. It offers an easy to follow process of empowerment geared towards helping women achieve self-growth, self-empowerment and addresses self-esteem issues.

The new meditation and spiritual awakening publication, according to author Debbie, is an easy to follow workbook that includes a meditation CD designed to awaken and self empower a vibrant spirit within the reader.

First Steps to Your Vibrant Spirit was designed to help persons learn an easy way to start their journey to Joy and happiness.  In it, Debbie has outlined five first steps to support readers’ personal development and growth. She uses five very important questions to guide them to new realizations about the choices they have.

The book also includes a workbook where users can process those questions that are posed, to get the desired result or benefit quickly and easily.

“This calming and inspiring meditation is designed to wake peoples up to the truth of who you are,” said Debbie, who uses her personal story as a guide to support other women on their journeys. In so doing, she supports them in making better decisions, having better relationships with themselves and others, have clarity and peace in their lives and live in a more joyful way, as they seek to become  successful in their respective endeavor’s.

“Through First Steps to Your Vibrant Spirit, I’ll be guiding women towards soaring to new heights. They’ll be able to ask questions of themselves and affirm that they are so much more than they ever thought possible and that they have the ability to move forward in their life loving and trusting themselves,” said Debbie, an intuitive, who helps people connect to their higher knowledge of themselves.

As a professional imbued with special gifts that bring out transformational knowledge, Debbie specializes in giving powerful, channeled guidance and healing to assist women with their emotional and physical changes.  She’s also very proud of her new creation, a unique system of training, known as “The Vibrant Spirit Transformational System”. It was created specifically to empower women in their continued quest to live the lives of their dreams.

About Debbie Svitavsky/Vibrant Spirit:

Debbie Svitavsky is the president of Vibrant Spirit, an enlightened company offering products and services for extraordinary personal and planetary transformation. Vibrant Spirit offers clarity, understanding and the finest empowerment tools for women to evolve and embrace their full potential. The Vibrant Spirit team is dedicated to support our community of clients through their journey of awakening with books, classes, products, private or group readings and healing services, events, and retreats. Her long professional career in health, healing and wellness, combined with eight years’ experience as a hands-on and distance healer, have provided the perfect mix of awareness and tools to help others succeed. She is an expert at women's self empowerment, self-esteem and personal development.

For further information about how to go about accessing a bright future filled with a vibrant spirit, please contact: Debbie Svitavsky, 970-310-8057, Debbie@vibrantspirit.net or visit www.vibrantspirit.net.

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