Apple iPad Retina Display May Be Supplied By Samsung

Apple iPad Retina Display May Be Supplied By Samsung

Apple iPad Retina Display May Be Supplied By Samsung

Reported have hinted that Samsung will be one of the main suppliers for the iPad Retina Display for the upcoming models of the iPad Mini and iPad of Apple. The reports come as the rivalry between the two tech giants may not end soon.

Sources within the industry revealed that the South Korean company is already preparing the display for the 7.9-inch and the 9.7-inch screen display for the devices, which will feature a resolution of 2048 by 1536. The iPad Mini will reportedly receive the screen display within the third quarter. On the other hand, the full-size Apple iPad will receive the display by the fourth quarter.

Samsung supplied the screen display for the third-generation Apple iPad, which featured the Retina Display. Aside from Samsung, Apple also sourced the screen display from LG and Sharp. However, sourcing the iPad Retina Display for its upcoming tablet models was considered unusual by NPD Displaysearch senior analyst Richard Shim.

Shim said that Apple clearly indicated that it will continue to source the lower resolution displays from LG Display and AUO, and the reason for getting a third supplier remains unclear.

The release schedule of the next model of the iPad remains uncertain. Some reports have pointed to a late fourth quarter release or even in the early part of next year. Another report indicated that production of the iPad Retina Display will start next month, and production will start soon after the displays are produced.

Aside from the price tag, one drawback of the iPad Mini was its display screen. A number of tablets with the same size offer display screens with higher resolutions. This made the user interface, images, and text of rival tablets sharper compared to the iPad Mini, which used the same resolution of the first two models of the Apple iPad.

The possibility of Samsung providing the iPad Retina Display for two models of the tablet offering of Apple comes as the two companies are currently locked in a legal battle in a number of international courts.

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