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Drone Service Market Global Outlook, Future Scope and Growth Analysis Report by 2027 | Industry Key Players – Terra Drone Corporation, Sky-Futures, CyberHawk Innovations Limited, Measure, Aerodyne Group, Skyspecs, Airinov, Zipline, Drone Volt has Published New Market Research Report on -“Drone Service Market – Global Industry Share, Size, Overview, Trends, Growth and Forecast By 2025” The global drone service market accounted for US$ 629.2 Mn in 2018, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 51.1% over the forecast period 2019-2027, to reach US$ 24,882.2 Mn in 2027. The demand […]

Automatic Data Capture Market Global Outlook, Future Scope and Growth Analysis Report by 2025 | Industry Key Players – Denso Wave, Eutronix S.A., Ingram Micro (HNA Group), Bluebird, CIPHERLAB Co., SATO Holdings, ScanSource, SICK AG, Cognex Corporation has Published New Market Research Report on -“Automatic Data Capture Market – Global Industry Share, Size, Overview, Trends, Growth and Forecast By 2025” Global ADC market accounted for US$ 13.84 Bn in 2017 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.0% over the forecast period 2018-2025, to account for US$ 22.02 Bn in 2025. Currently, the […]

New Study Focusing on Image Sensors Market Size 2025

Various imaging devices such as digital camera or camera modules use a technology, where, the optical image is obtained by a lens in a form of an electrical signal, this function is performed by a sensor known as imaging sensor. Over the time this technology has overtaken the traditional cameras, as the imaging sensors promise […]

Physical Security Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2025

The Physical or Environmental Security market addresses on how an enterprise can potentially utilize the precautionary measures to avoid loss of resources or important information during hazards and disasters caused by natural or man-made. Increasing incidences of terrorism, relocation, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire, tsunami and others are the influencing factors for high […]

Future Growth prospect of Color Detection Sensors Market including major players

Color detection sensors are powerful sensing devices which sense light and color and differentiate accordingly. These photoelectric sensors use either light to voltage or light to digital or light to frequency methods to sense light and color. Color sensors are used for industrial automation and are currently driving the growth of the automation. Automation finds […]

Major Growth Expected in Sound Sensors Market Global Outlook Report 2019 to 2025

Microphones or sound sensors are the devices that sense the changes in the sounds in its surroundings and then produces an output in the required form accordingly. The output could be in the digitized form. The sound is sensed by the sensor using various techniques, such as whenever there is a change in the air […]

Intelligent flow meter Market 2019 | Worldwide Market Outlook 2025

Intelligent flow meters are used for measuring fluidic phenomenon in a host of industry verticals that includes food & beverage, oil and gas, power generation and pharmaceutical industry. Ultrasound technique is used to determine the velocity of the fluid. They are termed as intelligent as they remain unaffected by the temperature, pressure, viscosity and flow […]

Wearable AI Market Growth Prediction, Investment Opportunity, Product Type and Forecast 2027

Wearable AI are the specially designed AI integrated devices that are worn on the human body. The primary use of these wearable AI is to monitor different data related to the health. AI technology enhances the capabilities of existing wearable devices by providing additional features like analytics, machine learning and more real-time actionable audio, visual […]

Submarine Sensor Market Growth Prediction, Investment Opportunity, Product Type and Forecast 2027

Increasing threats of the marine based nuclear activities have led to various country’s defense forces be equipped with sophisticated equipment to thwart any kind of threat. With increasing sophistication in the submarine sensor technology, these sensors are being adopted by the naval agencies for security threat detection purposes. These sensors are considered to be highly […]

Airborne LiDAR Market Analysis, Market Share, Trends, Business Strategy and Forecast to 2027

A LiDAR i.e. Light Detection and Ranging is a remote sensing technology that makes use of light to measure ranges. This is done by measuring scattered light. LiDAR, unlike radar, makes use of shorter wavelength whereas radar makes use of radio waves for measuring targets. An Airborne LiDAR is mounted on an aircraft laser system […]

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