Lindsay Lohan to Spend Nine Days Behind Bars

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan might spend just 9 days in jail

After originally punished for a 90-day sentence and was eventually reduced to an estimated 23 days, it looks like that actress Linsay Lohan will be out of the jail earlier than expected.

This after the Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s department said that there’s a possibility that the actress, who began serving his sentence on Tuesday, will be released after nine days due to overcrowding and Lohan’s cooperative demeanor.

"The sentence keeps shrinking. The new estimate is she will be released after nine days if she behaves herself. “A jail source said regarding Lohan’s sentence.

”The latest sheriff's documents are saying 14 days but she can knock a few more off that. I expect her to be out shortly after next weekend."

Lohan was sentenced after violating the probation rules she received in 2007, which stated that the Hollywood star should attend alcohol education classes. She was on probation after committing consecutive alcohol and drug-related incidents.

On the other hand, the actress was prevented from smoking cigarettes while in jail, but she was allowed to take her prescription medicines like Adderall for her Attention Deficit Disorder, and Ambien, which is a sleeping pill. This ruling was criticized by Lohan’s father, who believes that those medicines were the reason why his daughter got into a lot of troubles.

"She's got to get off prescription drugs. I don't think jail is going to change her; I think she needs to change herself." Michael Lohan said in an interview with Larry King of CNN.

Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley also released a statement saying that the actress is having a difficult time adjusting with the environment she’s currently on.

"Understandably, Lindsay's having a difficult time adjusting, as it would be for anyone. She's trying to make the necessary adjustments to an extremely stressful and difficult situation. There were some tears." Holley said.

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