7 Dead Bodies found in Famous Mexican Resort

7 Dead Bodies found in Famous Mexican Resort

7 Dead Bodies found in Famous Mexican Resort

Acapulco, Mexico — 7 dead bodies were found Sunday dumped at a bus stop in Zihuatanejo, a remote town in the Pacific coastal area, police said. The 7 bodies found were bullet-riddled. Over the weekend, 20 people were at least killed as continuous drug violence in the famous coastal and resort destinations stretch worsen.

El Diarion de Zihuatanejo, a local newspaper, published a photo showing a dead man, half naked, feet tied to a pole along the street and with messages on top of his bloody and helpless body. The signed messages were claimed to be coming from the Knights Templar, drug cartel La Familia’s pseudo religious offshoot. In Mexico, drug gangs are commonly known for leaving messages with threats and warnings at most crime scenes.

Police found the 7 bodies early Sunday morning in the beach town popular to American and local tourists. 2 weeks ago, 35 bodies, tortured and killed were found after being thrown in the main street of Veracruz, a seaport city in the Gulf coast of Mexico.

Police has not yet issued an official statement regarding the motive of the crime this Sunday morning while drug gangs are continuously fighting along the cities in the Pacific coastal region. Another homicide was reported in Zihuatanejo just a few hours before the 7 bodies were found by local police. In Apacapulco, located south of Zihuatanejo, 12 were killed, 10 men and 2 women, in separate attacks reported Saturday and early Sunday morning. Authorities are not yet ascertained if the attacks and killings were related at all.


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