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EmpoweredNews.Net is composed of a team of creative, dedicated and very talented writers.  If you want to send them any messages, comments or suggestions, please do so. Their email addresses are listed below. They would surely love to hear from you.


James Fried

James is a business enthusiast (or maybe we should say nut).  He is an entrepreneur who started 4 successful businesses.  He writes to identify new trends and topics to spark his next business idea.

Contact James through our contact us page.

Sophia Andrews

Sophia is an avid traveller and loves to get the best deals on flights, hotels, etc.  She is not ashamed to say that she is not an "adventure" traveler but considers herself more of a "pragmatic explorer."

Contact Sophia through our contact us page.

Kade Quinn

Kade is our entertainment specialist.  She embarrassingly admits that she subscribes to 7 gossip magazines.  However, Kade believes that gossip does not have to be negative and chooses to focus more on positive entertainment news.

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Melanie Mendoza

Melanie is a shop-o-holic.  She wants you to know that she is not a very experienced writer but will make up for experience with passion.

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Andre Monohan

Andre been a sports fan since he was eight years old.  He could name every Padre player on the '84 league championship team (his favorite team at the time), along with every batting average and ERA.

Contact Andre through our contact us page.

George Daniels

George is our Health writer.  Although, he can write about any topic, George believes that his mission is to help people get more energy so they can live longer, happier lives.

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Guest Writers

J.G Enriquez

J.G is a registered nurse (RN) and a medical writer, always on the lookout for medical breakthroughs as well as fresh and relevant health information for individuals and their families. He is a regular feature article contributor to various news sites, health blogs and specialty web sites.

Contact J.G at - [antibot mail="[email protected]"]

Emery Ledger (LedgerLaw)

Emery is an Attorney At Law. He writes for us now and then about legal matters.

Contact Emery at - [antibot mail="[email protected]"]

Roger Pahuriray

Roger is an experienced part-time writer usually dealing with articles on health, fitness content targeting substance and behavioral addiction. The more Roger churns out these types of articles, the more he gets to implement these tips towards a healthier lifestyle. He now brings both his SEO and writing experience to PinAgency.Com where he works full-time catering to its impressive pool of clients like SweetSweat.Com, CasaNuevoVida.Com, and many more.

Contact Roger at - [antibot mail="[email protected]"]

Allen Rey

Allen Rey is a financial writer, associated with Debt Consolidation who has been dealing with various financial issues. He loves to contribute financial write ups to websites and blogs so that he can help people who are struggling with financial worries.

Contact Allen at - [antibot mail="[email protected]"]

Grindu V

Vlad is an experienced writer, copywriter and blogger who is passionate about anything that has to do with the written word. He is co-author for curioustendency.blogspot.com where he writes about intriguing, mysterious and sometimes even creepy subjects


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