Anonymous Hackers Attack North Korea

Anonymous Hackers Attack North Korea

Anonymous Hackers Attack North Korea

Anonymous, the part hacker, part activist group has announced that it has been busy hacking North Korea’s social networking.

The group which is known for intervening in many social causes, especially ones where freedom is being suppressed has issued a number of warnings since North Korea’s threats and war scares have intensified.

They have started what is unofficially known as “Operation Free Korea”, in which they state that current leader Kim Jong-un has to step down, and a democratic government has to be put in his place.

They also asked for uncensored access to the internet for all North Koreans.

The hacking group claims it has accessed no less than 15,000 usernames and passwords from numerous N. Korean sources.

While the internet is available in North Korea, only a privileged few get access to it, and the allowed websites are all government run.

N. Korea has at one point allowed foreign citizens to access mobile internet but since the country’s pro war rhetoric has increased, that service has been scrapped.

Anonymous posted a message online that said North Koreans should rise up against their tyrannical government and that they are not alone in their struggles.

Also posted online by Anonymous were photos that mocked the current North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

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