Another Issue Faces Boeing Dreamliner

Another Issue Faces Boeing Dreamliner

Another Issue Faces Boeing Dreamliner

An All Nippon Airways flight to Haneda airport was cancelled due to issues with the brakes of the Boeing Dreamliner. This is the third incident involving the 787 Dreamliner aircraft of Boeing recently.

A Yamaguchi Ube airport spokesperson indicated that the domestic Boeing Dreamliner flight of ANA was cancelled since it was necessary to replace some brake components at the left rear undercarriage.

A spokeswoman from ANA indicated that an error message was noted at the cockpit. The reason for the error message, which was linked to the brake system, was not yet determined. The passengers of the aircraft were transferred to another flight bound for Haneda, the spokeswoman added.

The Boeing Dreamliner has experienced a number of incidents in recent days with one Boeing 787 aircraft catching fire after it landed in Boston. Another Boeing Dreamliner aborted its take off due to a fuel spill on the runway.

The high-composite fiber technology used on the aircraft reduced its weight and enhanced fuel efficiency. The Boeing 787 has been promoted as the bet offering of the US-based aircraft manufacturer. The recent incidents were just among the latest that affected the aircraft ever since it was unveiled.

A probe was conducted by the National Transport Safety Board of the US due to an engine trouble last July. Five Boeing Dreamliners were grounded by ANA due to an issue on the engine of the aircraft last July 23. Last February, fifty-five Boeing Dreamliners were found to be susceptible to fuselage problems, according to Boeing.

A Boeing 787 of United Continental was reportedly forced to land in New Orleans due to electrical problems.

The Boeing Dreamliner was initially delivered to ANA, which offered flights using the aircraft last October 2011. Last September, the airline indicated that it was set to order eleven more units as it aims to increase its Boeing Dreamliner fleet to sixty-six units.

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