Apple Offers Free Repairs for ‘Staingate’ Issues with Displays on Retina MacBooks

It is safe to say that when you buy a MacBook you expect a certain quality – and Apple has a reputation for delivering just that. So when earlier this year some customers who had bought the brand new Retina MacBooks and Retina MacBook Pros began to complain about ‘stains’ appearing on the display – something seemed wrong.

As it turns out something was wrong – with the anti-reflective coating that was used on some of the displays. In most cases the problem ended up being fairly mild and resulted in small blobs appearing in the corners of the screens. However in some cases large splotches began to appear that eventually spread across a good portion of the display area.

At first Apple didn’t acknowledge this problem and there were even reports that people who had complained were turned away. On the whole the confidence many people had with Apple’s reputation was so high that the cases weren’t taken very seriously by the public at large. Apparently Apple did feel that it warranted further investigation however, and as it has now emerged they are contacting and offering a Quality Program to replace the hardware of any users who were affected.

Despite Apple’s offer, there are some suggestions that the tech giant is trying to keep news of the problem quiet – and the lack of any official announcement or notice on Apple’s website would certainly seem to support that idea. Still, for those who have been gone the better part of a year having to deal with this issue getting their hardware replaced it is drawing a mixed response.

Some welcomed the move, while others have long since given up and may even have sold off their affected MacBooks for much less than they paid. In short – it may be a case of too little, too late.

It is worth noting that this issue is only related to the display of a small fraction of the new retina MacBooks and is not related to its performance in other areas. If your MacBook is slowing down and you need to speed it up you should look at other optimization methods such as cleaning its hard drive quickly and effectively with the Movavi Mac Cleaner software. It will help you to remove any and all junk hiding on your hard drive and ensure your MacBook performs optimally.

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