Ariel Winter Discusses Surgery With Ellen

Ariel Winter revealed how she was shaped as an actress and a person as she grew up under the public scrutiny at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” recently. The 18-year-old actress, who plays Alex Dunphy on “Modern Family,” is enrolled in high school and aims to become a Lawyer. She is also sending applications for college.

Winter also said she noted some things common in her life as an actress and her life as a high school student. She said in both lives people are always hit by criticisms no matter how old they are or what their status in society is. She added that everyone has insecurities, which apparently referred to the breast-reduction surgery she went through.

Ariel Winter also said while she gets hurt, she learned how to brush off these criticisms. She added that she had to deal with criticisms since she was still 12 years old.

Ariel Winter Discusses Surgery With Ellen

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Ariel Winter indicated that it was not easy to grow up in the limelight and have changes in her body as well as go through surgery. She added she decided to reveal the operation since she considered it important for women because there are people who need the type of surgery she went through.

She added that the critics were later drowned out by her supporters. While she had to deal with the criticism, she felt it was something she had to do and her supporters are the ones who matter in her life.

The actress had talked about the surgery in the past. She wrote for Motto about the obstacle she had to face due to her cleavage. While she was still 13 or 14 years old, she already looked like a 19-year-old. She added that whenever she would go to awards shows everyone would talk about how she looked rather than her work and talent, which was something she did not want.

The actress also said she was psychologically affected by her body frame. Ariel Winter added that she opted for surgery since she felt unhappy and uncomfortable and not because of what everyone else was thinking.

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