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Global Tablet Stylus Pens Industry to Increase at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2019-2024 according to new Market Report

  The Major regions to produce Tablet Stylus Pens are North America, Europe, China, which accounted for about 74.49 % of sales market share in total. China is the largest consumption region with a sales share of 30.37% in 2017. The leading players are Wacom, Microsoft, Atmel, Songtak, Adonit, accounting for 62.08 percent revenue market […]

1.7% CAGR to take Global Swimming Pool Treatment Chemicals Market to 1170 Mn US$ by 2024

Swimming pool treatment chemicals have many different types, such as beaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, liquid chlorine, trichloroisocyanuric acid and other specialty product etc. Those materials are mainly used to ensure the health and safety of swimming pool. During them, sodium hypochlorite is the most wildly used material, with a consumption amount of 313.5 K MT […]

Global Stainless Steel Cable Ties Market Forecasts to see 4.5% CAGR to 2024, taking it to 240 Mn US$

Sales volume of Stainless Steel Cable Ties has reached 1972.2 Million Pieces in 2017, the market is forecast to reach 2881.1 Million Pieces in 2025. With sustained and stable demand from downstream verticals.   Stainless Steel cable ties find a vast application for collecting and organizing electric wires and cables. With features like high strength, […]

Global Synthetic Fabrics Market to Reach 18600 Mn US$ by 2024, from 16000 Mn US$ in 2018

The synthetic fabric market is expected to be driven by its high demand in fashion & apparel industry and high growth rate of construction and automotive industries, especially in emerging economies,. However, environmental concerns and threat from natural substitutes may restrain the market growth during the forecast period. Moreover, R&D activities on conductive textiles and […]

Global Superconductor Industry to Increase at a CAGR of 0.6% from 2019-2024 according to new Market Report

Superconductor production has high technology barrier and is technology intensive industry. Currently, there are several producing companies in the world superconductor industry. The main market players are Luvata, Oxford, Bruker, AMSC, SuperPower and JASTEC. The production of superconductor will increase to 393704 Km in 2016 from 258537 Km in 2011 with an average growth rate […]

Global Surgical Blades & Scalpels Market to Reach 530 Mn US$ by 2024 as per the Latest Research

The classification of surgical blades & scalpels includes blade and handle. And the proportion of blade in 2017 is about 85%, and the proportion is in increasing trend from 2013 to 2017.   Surgical Scalpel is widely used in hospital, clinic and others. The most proportion of surgical scalpel is in hospital, and the proportion […]

Global Stainless Steel Floor Drains Market Forecast: 1260 Mn US$ by 2024 as per the latest research report

Currently, there are many producing companies in the Stainless Steel Floor Drains industry. The main market players are Aliaxis Group, Zurn Industries, Watts Water Technologies (BLUCHER), ACO, Geberit, McWane, Wedi, KESSEL AG, Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co., Inc., Sioux Chief Mfg, HL Hutterer & Lechner GmbH, Josam Company etc.The revenue of Stainless Steel Floor Drains […]

3.3% Growth Rate (CAGR) to be Register by Global Super Absorbent Pet Pad Market (2019-24)

North America is the largest market with about 38% revenue share in 2017, followed by Europe which is 24%. More than 452 million pet pads was sale in North America market.   The key players are Tianjin Yiyihygiene, Hartz (Unicharm), Jiangsu Zhongheng, DoggyMan, Richell, IRIS USA, U-PLAY, JiangXi SenCen, WizSmart (Petix), Four Paws (Central), Simple […]

Global Sports Bras Market Forecasts to see 10.8% CAGR to 2024, taking it to 11700 Mn US$

The global average price of Sports Bras is in the increasing trend, from 7.45 USD/Unit in 2013 to 7.89 USD/Unit in 2017. With the situation of global economy, prices will be in increasing trend in the following five years.   The classification of Sports Bras includes light support type, medium support type, and high support […]

5.0% Growth Rate (CAGR) to be Register by Global Spinal Cord Stimulation Devices Market (2019-24)

The classification of spinal cord stimulation devices includes rechargeable type and non-rechargeable type. The proportion of rechargeable type in 2017 is about 66%, and the proportion is in increasing trend from 2013 to 2017. Spinal cord stimulation devices are widely used in failed back surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, chronic pain and other field. […]

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