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6.0% Growth Rate (CAGR) to be Register by Global Textile Machinery Market (2019-24)

Textile machines are used in the fabrication and processing of fabrics, textiles, and other woven and non-woven materials. They are used in processes such as spinning, weaving, warping, and dyeing. In the coming years there is an increasing technology progress for textile machinery in the regions of Germany, Italy, Japan and China that is expected […]

496.4 M US$ in anticipated for Global Para-aminophenol (PAP) Market to 2024

Para-aminophenol (PAP) is the organic compound with the formula H2NC6H4OH. Typically available as a white powder. Para-aminophenol is a kind of commonly used intermediate of refined chemical industrial product, In the dye industry, it is applied to the synthesis of weakly acidic yellow 6G, weak acid yellow 5G, vulcanization blue 3R, Sulphur Blue CV, vulcanization […]

6.5% CAGR to take Global Furniture Decor Papers Market to 2811.9 M US$ by 2024

Decor papers are specialty papers used to create quality finishes on wooden materials. Single-color, they are either used as they are or printed with a range of designs. They are used for furniture, furniture fronts, flooring, doors, commercial and domestic interiors, hi-spec surfaces such as kitchen worktops, bathroom surfaces, window sills, exterior applications. Decor papers […]

4.5% CAGR to take Global High Voltage Insulating Gloves Market to 302.8 M US$ by 2024

High Voltage Insulation Gloves are mainly used in electrical work, with the role of protecting the hand or human body. To be effective, electrical safety gloves must incorporate dielectric properties and physical strength, along with flexibility and durability to help ensure safety and performance. Asia-Pacific has the largest global sales quantity in High Voltage Insulation […]

Global Blue Light Blocking Glasses Market to Reach 28 M US$ by 2024, Increasing at a CAGR of 7.6%

In the spectrum of 400-500 nano quality inspection, a large number of high-energy short-wavelength blue light emerging continuously, like a sharp blade piercing our eyes crystalline and go straight into the macular area, make us can’t open our eyes, tear spontaneously, even with a great pain and soreness! All kinds of eyes discomfort not merely […]

Global Civil Aircraft Weighing Equipment Market to Reach 13 M US$ by 2024, Increasing at a CAGR of 3.1%

  Civil aircraft weighing equipment are devices to measure weight of aircraft. Global Civil Aircraft Weighing System Market consists of Platform System and Jack Weigh System. Platform System segment was estimated to account for a revenue share of 67.7% in 2018. Global Civil Aircraft Weighing System Application segment consists of Business jet, Regional aircraft and […]

Global Foodservice Coffee Market to Reach 113190 M US$ by 2024, from 81190 M US$ in 2018

Foodservice or ‘out of home’ is the term used to describe all food consumed out of home. It includes everything from restaurants, pubs, hotels and coffee shops to workplace catering, hospitals, education and vending. Foodservice coffee refers to coffee that is consumed by consumers out of home, such as coffee houses, restaurants, beverage shops, bakery […]

Global Area Scan Camera Market to Grow from 737 M US$ in 2018 to 1363.9 M US$ by 2024

Area scan cameras contain a matrix of pixels that capture an image of a given scene. They are more general purpose than line scan cameras, and offer easier setup and alignment. Area scan cameras are best suited towards applications where the object is stationary, even if only momentarily. Area Scan Camera play a valuable role […]

Global Plant-based Protein Powders Industry to Increase at a CAGR of 6.0% from 2019-2024 according to new Market Report

  Plant-based Protein Powders refers to the proteins extracted from plants like soybean, wheat, rice, pea, etc. The protein is an important component of human cells, consisting of monomers called amino acids. Vegetable protein is an alternative to animal protein and it can be absorbed easily. Protein is important to human body. Most people require […]

Global Passenger Vehicle Airbag Fabric Market to Reach 1714.3 M US$ by 2024 as per the Latest Research

Passenger Vehicle Airbag Fabric is the fabric used to manufacture automotive airbag. It is produced by nylon yarn, and today’s fabrics are primarily nylon 66. Generally, the width of the automotive airbag fabric varies from 150mm to 250mm. The leading manufactures mainly are Hyosung, Toyobo, Toray, Kolon, HMT, etc. Hyosung is the largest manufacturer; its […]

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