Brie Larson May Become Captain Marvel

Brie Larson may play the role of Captain Marvel as talks are currently being conducted on who will take the lead role in the movie that may be released in March 2019. Larson is known for her roles on 21 Jump Street and Short Term. She also starred on Sleepover, a teen comedy.

The studio is reportedly talking with Larson on the possibility that she will take on the role of the superhero. For the moment, Brie Larson is a likely choice if there are no breakdowns in the talks. No statements were released by Marvel Studios on the report, which also indicated that there was no director yet for the movie. Captain Marvel will become the first female title character in a movie produced by Marvel Studios. She enjoys the support of fans.

Brie Larson May Become Captain Marvel

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The project was announced by Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, in October 2014 and confirmed that Captain Marvel will be the female version of the comic book hero. Feige said Captain Marvel has a lot of names in the comic and the name of the hero on the upcoming movie is Carol Danvers.

Danvers initially appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 as a security officer working with an alien studying the Earth, Captain Mar-Vell. She appeared as Ms. Marvel on the comic after the genes of an alien race, the Kree, fused with her human DNA. She officially became Captain Marvel in 2012.

Feige also said the cinematic version of Captain Marvel will span two worlds. While she will originate from the Earth, her power base and adventures will span the cosmos. The character was supposed to appear in a cameo at the end of the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, but the studio did not have an actress yet to play the role at that time. But, this may not be an issue anymore unless talks with Brie Larson go awry.

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