Business Relocation Checklist for a Smooth Business Move

Planning is usually a good idea whatever you do because it saves time, energy and money in the long run. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a business relocation, because it’s a logistically complex exercise. As such, a Business Relocation Checklist is a must.

Things to Remember When Planning
Time is crucial. You’re move might be months away but the more you think about it now, the more you start planning now, the easier it will be.
Take stock of all the resources that you have available to facilitate your move. Have you appointed a manager to handle the move, someone with a track record that you can trust? How many people will be directly involved in the physical move itself? Do you have enough people? Have you budgeted enough money and time? How much leeway have you allowed if something unexpected happens?

Communicate to Make a Move Easier
Communication is always vital and, paradoxically, often mismanaged. People, unlike mushrooms, don’t like to be kept in the dark. Depending on the way your business runs there might be any number of ways to handle communication. Meetings, memos and general announcements are tried and true favourite ways of disseminating information. Whatever you decide to do, it might be a good idea to appoint a specific member of your team to handle the flow of information so that at least this team member knows who knows what and is clear on what has to be done. And never assume that people know something. Ask. It’s amazing how often non-communications and miscommunication lead to major screwups.

Packing for a Smooth Move
The main part of moving is not the moving; it’s the packing. Packing is the single activity that will take up the most time. Once packed, your items need to be loaded on to a truck, transported, and then unloaded. While loading, driving and unloading is an art in itself, especially in a city like Sydney, with all sorts of different types of buildings, access, parking and traffic issues, packing is still really important. Since moving is already time-consuming and labor intensive, and since packing and unpacking is where most of the time and energy goes, it’s important to get it right. It’s worth doing a little research about how to pack various items for Relocations. You might even consider training some of your staff. Or, if you want to make life really easy on yourself, you can engage the services of Pre-Packers. The best Business Removalists have Packing Services and it might be worth your while to engage then and let them do all the packing and let your employees continue to do what you originally hired them for.

Visiting the New Location Before a Move
It’s amazing how often people don’t see their new location until the day of the move, or immediately after the move. And yet it seems to be fundamentally common good sense to arrange for people to see their new workspace. You might have to organize a special trip, but it will be worth it. People need time to adjust to change and familiarity can help smooth out concerns. And, you never know, someone with a fresh eye might notice something that no one else has noticed before and that something might turn out to be very important.

Things to Remember During a Move
Safety of people comes first and safety of equipment second. Prioritize tasks. If possible, it would be great if it all didn’t have to happen on one day. Keep calm. Show leadership and don’t be afraid to take charge if people don’t know what to do next.

The Bottom Line
Talk to an experienced specialist Business Relocation service. The best ones provide a comprehensive checklist that just about covers everything that you’ll need to consider, and remember for your business move.

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