Dutch Doctors Want to Stop Male Circumcision

Dutch Doctors Want to Stop Male Circumcision

Dutch Doctors Want to Stop Male Circumcision

Amsterdam — Dutch doctors has urged human rights groups along with politicians in Netherlands to stop and discourage the male circumcision practice in the country as it is very harmful, painful practice and has violated the rights of young children. The Royal Dutch Medical Association said that year after year there are about 10,000 to 15,000 young boys circumcised in the country not always for anesthetic reason but because of religious belief and tradition.

The Royal Dutch Medical Association represents pediatricians, surgeons, urologists and general practitioners across the country. Lode Wigersma, the association spokesperson, told the press on Friday that male circumcision is unnecessary and it poses health treat to a child due to possible complications and even violates the rights of each child. Wigersma also said that the procedure is not safe since records indicate that there are about 5% complication rate yearly including psychological and long-term implications observed among some male patients.

The male circumcision started in the Jewish religion and also very common among Muslims. In the Jewish tradition, infant boys will undergo penile circumcision where the forehead of the male genital will be removed.  The female genital mutation practice has already been banned and prohibited in the Netherlands since 1993. The Dutch Medical Association hopes that the Dutch politicians would listen to their plea.


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