If Near Wisconsin Make Sure You Visit “Cheese Days”

If Near Wisconsin Make Sure You Visit “Cheese Days”

If Near Wisconsin Make Sure You Visit “Cheese Days”

Wisconsin is famed as the best place for dairy products in the United States and what better way to check the validity of that saying than be participating in the yearly “Cheese Days” event, one of the oldest food festivals in the world which will celebrate its 100th edition this year.

While cheese is definitely the star of the show the diverse heritage of Wisconsin makes the celebration’s menu much more diverse and tasty.

The beer at the event is some of the best in the country, and in a state like Wisconsin, beer isn’t to be treated lightly. Historically, beer is one of the biggest exports of the state and the reason why Milwaukee became its biggest city. The beer making tradition is still strong here with the entire state boasting over 70 craft big breweries and brew pubs.

The state’s strong German heritage is definitely alive and kicking when you look at the spectacular selection of sausages. Usinger’s a historic family owned meat market that has been in Milwaukee since the 1880s boasts more than 75 different types of sausages along with 50 bratwurst recipes collected from all over Europe.

When it comes to cheese things really get complicated. You better get there with an empty stomach because Wisconsin’s Cheese Days offers more than 600 types of cheese from tasty and fresh basic cheese to award winning selections. The foundations for the area’s strong cheese influence were laid down by Swiss immigrants as far back as 1846.

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