Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Attend Same Party

Jennifer Garner and her former partner, Ben Affleck, were seen attending the same Vanity Fair Oscar party on Sunday night at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. While the two were civil with each other, they did not appear to bond when they were waiting for their cars when they left. Kate Hudson and Charlize Theron were also close to the valet area at that time.

However, there were no issues during the party. A source revealed the two shared a friendly kiss and hug, and Garner appeared to compliment Affleck for his look. When the two parted ways, Jennifer Garner stayed near the back of the room with JJ Abrams and Victor Garber.

There was also a nice moment between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck talked with some of their friend before they left. The Batman vs Superman star stayed with his longtime friend Matt Damon for much of the party.

Affleck and Theron co-starred in the Reindeer Games sixteen years ago. Affleck played the role of a man who was released from prison and wanted to spend his new life with the girl played by Theron. It remains uncertain if the two hot along during the movie, but it is possible they remained friends. However, they did not appear to interact with each other during the party. On the other hand, Hudson starred on 200 Cigarettes with Affleck.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were last seen on Saturday when they hosted the fourth birthday party of their son, Samuel. While the two took their son to Art’s Table for dinner, Affleck did not appear to be in a good mood during dinner.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Garner said their 10-year marriage was not broken up by Christine Ouzounian. She said they were separated for months before reports about the nanny emerged. She added that the nanny did not have any role to play in the divorce. When the story of the nanny emerged in July, it was described as “garbage” by Affleck.

She said it was not good for the kids to have a nanny disappear suddenly. She added that she had to talk to them about what a scandal is. The two had three children before the divorce was announced in June, which is one month after reports about the nanny emerged.

Jennifer Garner said only Affleck knows the truth about the report when she was asked about it. She added that she is the only one who knows some of the truths of her former husband. The two were also seen in February while on a vacation in Montana with Tom Bady and Gisele Bundchen.

The Daredevil actress also said she was committed to their marriage, which she described as real and was not for show. It was a priority for her but it did not work out. However, she asked people not to take it out on Affleck. She said he should not be hated for her since she does not hate him. She added that she was aware of everything during the marriage and took care of herself.

Jennifer Garner attended the Oscars to present together with Benicio Del Toro. The two appeared to get along during the rehearsals.

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