Katherine Heigl Went Through Therapy Due To The Incident At The Emmy’s

Katherine Heigl made a revelation at the SiriusXM show of Howard Stern recently, saying she did not feel good about her performance at Grey’s Anatony and thought that she needed “dramatic, emotional material” since she won in the previous year.

The revelation is linked to the Emmy controversy of Grey’s Anatomy in 2008, which left her requiring some therapy. The 37-year-old actress wished she never opened up publicly after she came under fire for criticizing Shonda Rhimes and the show after she withdrew from the race.

Katherine Heigl Went Thorugh Therapy Due To The Incident At The Emmy’s

Katherine Heigl Went Thorugh Therapy Due To The Incident At The Emmy’s - image credit: commons.wikimedia.org

The actress withdrew herself from the awards saying the storylines did not deserve a nomination. However, she admitted eight years later that she made a big mistake and required to seek professional help to get through the criticisms she suffered due to what she did.

Katherine Heigl said she was embarrassed and apologized to Rhimes, the creator of the show. She told her it was not cool and she should not have criticized her. She added that she should not have said anything in public, but she thought nobody would notice at that time.

But, Heigl had to go to a therapist to deal with some unresolved issues due to the incident after she was criticized by Rhimes in a 2014 interview.

Heigl revealed she only started seeking professional help a few years ago after she had to go through close scrutiny. She said she was not able to handle it well and felt terrible. She added that she was struggling with the issue and learn how not to take it personally and avoid feeling sorry for herself.

Her colleagues at Knocked Up were also offended after she said the movie was a bit sexist in a different interview. Heigl said she is not in speaking terms with her co-star, Seth Rogen. Katherine Heigl also said she approached Rogen in a restaurant around seven years ago, but Rogen snubbed the actress.

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