LG’s Latest Premium LCD-Based Television Pricing Released

The latest premium LCD-based televisions of LG are set to be released to US retailers before the end of the month. The Super UHD TVs of the company also received their official pricing with the 55-inch model selling for $1,800 while the 86-inch model is priced at around $10,000.

The added feature of the new television offerings of LG is its compatibility with the two versions of HDR content, HDR10 and Dolby vision. HDR or high dynamic range considerably expands contrast and color, which results to an actual enhancement of the quality of the image.

While the performance of these TVs from LG with HDR and non-HDR content remains uncertain, it is not expected to reach the same level as the OLED TVs of LG. LED LCD tech is used on the latest premium LCD-based televisions of LG through the IPS panels of LG. However, these panels have had issues in matching the picture quality of high-end LCD televisions in the past.

LG’s Latest Premium LCD-Based Television Pricing Released

LG’s Latest Premium LCD-Based Television Pricing Released - image credit: circuitwall.com

The company said the light output and color of its latest premium LCD-based televisions were improved. LG also boasted the 10-bit processing power as well as better images in bright rooms and better viewing angles for its new products. The new televisions have edge-lit backlights featuring local dimming, but none of them comply with the UHD Alliance Premium certification.

Similar to the 2016 OLED TVs, the Super UHD televisions of LG is compatible with HDR content available on M-Go, Amazon, and 4K Blu-ray players as well as Vudu and Netflix.

Amazon revealed that Dolby Vision HDR will become available before the end of the year. The content offered by Amazon is composed of licensed titles and Amazon Original Series. A good number of these titles are available free of charge to Amazon Prime members. The pricing of the content will be consistent with industry standards, an Amazon representative revealed.

While there are differences in terms of design, the company has yet to provide information on the differences on picture quality among its latest premium LCD-based televisions.

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