Margot Robbie Struggles With Poor Pronunciation Of Jimmy Fallon

Since Margot Robbie is proud of being an Australian, it was only fitting that The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon to test the actress about one of the most iconic landmarks of her country. After putting on a pair of headphones, the actress attempted to decipher the pronunciation of Bondi beach by the talk show host.

However, the 41-year-old presenter struggled to correctly pronounce the name of the city beach as he repeatedly called it “Bondee” beach. Due to this, the 25-year-old Suicide Squad star was confused about what Fallon wanted to say. Robbie made a number of attempts in saying what she thought was being said by the host. She uttered a number of words, including banana beach, butter beach and bud beach.

While attempting to surpass the whisper challenge of The Tonight Show, the actress laughed her way through the challenge. She eventually asked if she was shouting while wearing the headphones.

Margot Robbie Struggles With Poor Pronunciation Of Jimmy Fallon

Margot Robbie Struggles With Poor Pronunciation Of Jimmy Fallon - image credit:

Margot Robbie also promoted “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” on The Tonight Show. The new comedy movie also stars Tina Fey. When she flashed a silver ring at the show, it sparked rumors of a possible engagement. The actress has been dating Tom Ackerley for a number of years already.

The actress plays the role of a female war correspondent who reports about the conflict in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The former Neighbors actress said it was not easy to try to personify the fear experienced by someone reporting in a conflict area.

The actress said it is not easy since she does not have any experience as a war correspondent. She added that she read about things that are not necessarily on the script. She said she wanted to know what may happen to reporters who are in these areas to allow her to recognize the risks they take and wanted to bring in the same fear into the scenes. Margot Robbie said she just wanted to know about it to make her understand the risks involved in the task.

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