Miracle in Poland confirmed by Catholic Church officials

Miracle in Poland confirmed by Catholic Church officials

Miracle in Poland confirmed by Catholic Church officials

Warsaw, Poland — People were gathered in Poland to celebrate Sunday a miracle as witnessed by many. Polish Roman Catholics gathered in a special mass called for in celebration of what they believed was a miracle when a dark spot appeared in a communion wafer; all were convinced it was part of Jesus’ heart.

The said communion wafer fell in the floor in 2008 during a mass in the town of Sokolka, Eastern Poland. Then after the fall incident, the communion wafer has developed the brown spot believed to be part of the heart of Jesus.2 doctors of medicine already checked the brown spot and concluded that it was a indeed a muscle tissue of the heart, officials from the church said.

Edward Ozorowski, Archbishop of Bialystok, proudly told the crowd present in the mass that it will be history in the making for mankind to witness a substance in the body and blood of Christ and Sokolka is proud to be the chosen place it was revealed. Ozorowski said that for God, everything is possible.

The communion wafer was carried in a procession before it was placed for public display in the church of St. Anthony in the town of Sokolka, as reported by a local TV station. Rationalist groups have complained about the incident in 2008 saying a murder or any other crime might have been involved in the human flesh found in the wafer. But police have not found any trace to link it to any crime.

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