Move Of Taylor Swift In Leaving Spotify Is Difficult To Duplicate

Move Of Taylor Swift In Leaving Spotify Is Difficult To Duplicate

Move Of Taylor Swift In Leaving Spotify Is Difficult To Duplicate

The move of Taylor Swift in removing her music catalogue from Spotify appeared to be brilliant by industry watchers as sales projections of her latest album, 1989, gradually increased. The first-week sales of the album are expected to be the biggest since the release of The Eminem Show in 2002.

Selling the album through a format that is gradually losing its popularity may be a dangerous move that requires a star with the same status as Swift. The singer is a vocal critic against streaming services as she blames it for the decline in the music industry. The decline in album sales started in 2000 after Napster made it easier to steal music albums than buying them.

Although the decline in the sales of digital albums can be attributed to streaming services, industry watchers have indicated that there is no proof that iTunes Store sales can offset revenue losses in the CD market. Casual entertainment is considered to be one of the reasons for the decline since many teenagers prefer listening to music through YouTube. Diehard fans and casual fans who want to take part in cultural events are mainly the people who purchase albums to support artists.

Taylor Swift is among the few stars who can release an album through a cultural event. She hosted a number of listening sessions for her latest album that created the interest for her rebirth. Selling albums is more difficult for artists not in the same level as Swift, and their only option to reach fans is through streaming services. Removing albums from streaming services may result to piracy through peer-to-peer networks.

A social media campaign launched by Spotify was aimed at encouraging Swift to return, which may have no effect due to the stand of the artist against such services. In order to persuade the pop star to return, it will be necessary to provide proof that the service can provide considerable revenue for artists while promoting the paid version of its service.

The move of Taylor Swift cannot be duplicated by any other artists unless they have the same influence the pop star has on her fans, who readily purchase her music in any format she chooses.

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