NBA Trade Deadline Passes Without Any Major Trades

NBA Trade Deadline Passes Without Any Major Trades

NBA Trade Deadline Passes Without Any Major Trades

None of the big-name players changed teams as the NBA trade deadline passed.

In addition to the absence of blockbuster deals, the minor deals did not get the attention of sports analysts. The superstars of each team were not traded for other superstars. The biggest deal that was consummated before the deadline may have been JJ Redick.

The collective bargaining agreement in 2011 may be the reason behind the lack of major deals between teams before the NBA trade deadline passed.

Executives of the teams may have been evaluation the short-term and the long-term effect of the agreement since luxury taxes are expected to increase in the next season. A fifty percent increase will be implemented for the initial $4.99 million that a team goes over the luxury tax cap. It will also increase by 325 percent when the team is between $15 million and $19.99 million over the luxury cap.

For instance, the Brooklyn Nets are set to pay over $21.2 million in the next season since it is around $12 million above the luxury tax. In comparison, the Nets would pay only $12 million during the current and previous season.

Due to this, executives are looking at how they will be affected by the CBA, which may have resulted to the lack of big-name changes prior to the NBA trade deadline.

Teams are not willing to absorb huge contract without the knowledge of their impact on the future payroll of the team. Some teams opt to have a smaller team salary that they can use in the future. Since rookie contracts are moderately economical, teams are not will to let go of these deals easily.

Although expiring contracts offer some value to teams, they also carry their own set of risks. It will not be certain if the player will sign with them again.

As the NBA trade deadline passed without any superstar players changing teams, analysts will simply wait for the offseason since a number of teams may have made their decisions by then.

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