Nike HyperAdapt Trainers Limited To Nike+ App

The Nike HyperAdapt trainers are set to be released into the market within the year, according to the company. The shoes feature self-tightening laces shown on the “Back to the Future” movie in 1989. However, the development of the real-world versions only started in 2013.

But, it seems sales of the shoes will be limited to the users of the app of the company. While the self-lacing function of the shoes may be considered a gimmick to consumers, its tie-in with the Nike+ software will facilitate the promotion of the other products of the company.

The Nike+ apps are designed to monitor the activities of users while providing training programs. But, personalized shopping recommendations will be introduced for the platform by the middle of the year.

Stuff online editor Marc McLaren said the company has lost footing in the market to new companies including Under Armour and Asics. McLaren added the strategy for the Nike HyperAdapt is expected to keep consumers engaged, and it is already noticeable with the reactions of consumers on the recent announcement of the company.

Nike HyperAdapt Trainers Limited To Nike+ App Users

Nike HyperAdapt Trainers Limited To Nike+ App Users - image credit:

While the trainers used by Marty McFly on the movie show they tie themselves up, it was actually a prop tied on the ground with a stagehand pulling the laces. The effect was attained by the Nike through the use of electric motors to make adjustments on the laces. The motors are activated when the heel of the users touches a sensor.

The Nike HyperAdapt trainers also feature two buttons along the side that can be used in loosening or tightening the fit. A glowing part on the sole is used as a wireless charging point and the LEDs show the remaining charge on the shoe. Functioning prototypes were available during the Innovation Summit of Nike in New York.

It will be necessary to recharge the final product every two weeks. The company said it will continue to develop the concept. Tinker Hatfield said it would be great to have a shoe that can sense when it needs to be loosened or tightened. The designer of the trainers said they are working on making the shoe detect if the user wants to have it tighter than usual.

Other companies are also working on self-tightening footwear. Digisole unveiled its own self-tightening smartshoes during the CES in January. The shoes of the French company also features a heater controlled by an app.

But, the brand of Nike is stronger. McLaren said it was crafty to require customers to use the Nike+ service to get the Nike HyperAdapt trainers, but it may increase the market of the company if it becomes popular.

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