President Barack Obama Can Call Middle East Visit A Success

President Barack Obama Can Call Middle East Visit A Success

President Barack Obama Can Call Middle East Visit A Success

United States President Barack Obama can call his visit, the first foreign one since he was reelected, a success. Maybe not a complete success, but he definitely touched a lot of the most important issues.

The downside to his Middle East visit was the Palestinian raised issues. Palestinians view President Obama’s visit as a failure, while some even call it insulting.

Some of the reasons behind these accusations are the fact that he didn’t bring up any issues like the Palestinian victims and prisoners held in Israeli jails, nor the fact that an important peace talk point for Palestine was the immediate cease settlement construction.

The more successful part of the visit was the diplomatic reconciliation between Turkey and Israel which he mediated. AS both countries are key alleys for the U.S. in the region,  a hastened solution to the tension caused by the killing of 9 Turkish activists by Israeli troops was very important.

So after nearly three years of diplomatic silence, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Turkish PM Tayyip Edrogan on the matter this Friday. After talks the two prime ministers agreed to reestablish and normalize relations between their two countries.

The more important issues were discussed by the PM’s and President Barack Obama behind closed doors, especially the Iran problem which seems to be making Israel rather impatient.

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