Promotional Gifts to Attract Kids

Promotional Gifts to Attract Kids

Promotional Gifts to Attract Kids

If you run a company that sell kids products, you have a bigger problem choosing promotional gifts compared to other companies. While other companies only need to take care of the target audience, you need to satisfy both the children and their parents. Therefore, when it comes to promotional merchandising, you have an extra set of target audience - the adults.

Sometimes even companies that do not sell kids products also give away promotional gifts for kids. This is a strategy to attract the kids’ attention. And once you have the kids’ attention, the parents’ attention naturally follows. For these reasons promotional gifts aimed at children below 15 are seriously taken by many companies to boost their businesses.

Another snag regarding promotional gifts for children is that, they barely hold on to brands like adults. Longevity of brand loyalty in kids is much shorter than in adults as they may pretty soon move towards another brand that they just found interesting. Hence, it is important to be more regular about gifts with children than with adults to stay in constant contact with them. So let’s see what are some of the best promotional gifts that kids would love and also helps in keeping them loyal to your brand.

Custom toys

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when shopping gifts for kids? Of course toys, they love them. Various types of customized toys are available in the market to suit the needs of different age groups and gender. If you plan to send a standard gift to all your clients, you could go with stuffed animals. Most kids, irrespective of gender or age group like stuffed toys. However, it is always advised to choose gifts to suit the various group when you are dealing with kids.

Puzzles and games

Children are fond of jigsaw puzzles and board games, and so are the adults. Get a custom board game and you can spend some quality time together with your kids. There are many puzzles and games that are either educational or aimed at developing the concentration and skills of kids. The parents will definitely appreciate it if your gift is like that.

Coloring book

If your target audience is of age group 3-7, a coloring book would be the most suitable gift. Let their creative skills and color senses improve with the help of your gift. The parents will also be happy as it would keep their kids occupied for some time.

Caps/ beanies

As you know children are fond of caps and beanies, especially if it has something special about it like helicopter-like blades on top. You could also go for custom sunglasses for kids, boomerangs or balls.
For attracting older children of age group 10-15, you could opt for custom music devices, earphones or speakers. It is always better to do a thorough research and brainstorming before you choose gifts for kids because the best gift would have an exponentially positive impact than an average one.

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