Research Disproves Some Of The Myths Tied To Weight Loss

Research Disproves Some Of The Myths Tied To Weight Loss

Research Disproves Some Of The Myths Tied To Weight Loss

In a report in this Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine researchers challenged the usual ideas regarding weight loss and proved that most of what is conceived to be common knowledge is actually myth.

While most misinformation is spread with good intention it is results that matter, and results fail to appear when the information is bad or at least this is what researcher and biostatistician at the University of Alabama David Allison seems to suggest.

While some question the study because of the ties some researchers have or have had with food and weight loss companies, most agree that a lot of good points have been made.

Sex for example has long been considered to be a great way to burn calories while doing something, in theory at least, pleasurable.

Yet the only study ever performed on this matter dates back to 1984 and shows that the average sex act last merely six minutes and burns just 21 calories, which is about the same number of calories people would burn by walking for six minutes.

Among other myths that were debunked are the effect or rather no effect of gym classes. Research also showed the fact that having a regular breakfast doesn't help or prevent obesity, or that losing a huge amount of weight in a short time doesn't lead to people gaining most of the weight back.

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