Richard Simmons Dispels Rumors Of Being Held Hostage

Richard Simmons dispelled rumors that he was being held hostage at his home in a recent interview. After the fitness guru disappeared from public view, reports emerged that his longtime housekeeper was holding him against his will.

The 67-year-old Simmons said no one was holding him hostage in his house and he can do anything that he wants to do. Simmons was talking over the phone on Monday at the “Today” show. While it provided proof of life, it did not provide any evidence of being able to get out of the house.

Simmons said people were worried about him and he wants them to know that he loves them and they should not be worried. He added that they have not seen the last of him and he will be coming back.

A good number of speculations emerged on the situation of Richard Simmons after his colleagues and friends have not heard from him it the last two years. The speculations increased after his former assistant, Mauro Oliviera, said his former boss deliberately removed him from his life in 2014. Simmons reportedly said he wanted to be by himself in his house and does not want to see Oliviera again.

Richard Simmons Dispels Rumors Of Being Held Hostage

Richard Simmons Dispels Rumors Of Being Held Hostage - image credit:

Simmons gave a similar message to Savannah Guthrie in the chat with “Today.” He said he has been staying at home, driving around and taking walks, as well as working out in the gym inside his house. He said the thousands of classes he taught in the pass have taken its toll on him.

Richard Simmons did not talk about the statements of Oiviera and denied allegations he was depressed and was being controlled by the manager, his brother and his longtime housekeeper, Teresa Reveles. Olivira said he was chased out of the home of the fitness guru after his last visit. Simmons described the idea that his life was controlled by his housekeeper as “very silly.” He added that Teresa has been with him for the last three decades.

A report in 2014 revealed that Simmons was suffering from depression and was anxious about a major knee surgery. The report also indicated that the friends of Richard Simmons have not heard from him since May 2014. He reportedly ignored the death of the mother of a good friend and the funeral of Joan Rivers.

Oliviera said Simmons was in a tormented mental state, which was caused by witchcraft and black magic. He added that while it is not close to the US culture, it was his culture in Brazil as well as in Mexico. Reveles is a Mexican. Oliviera added that spirits are invoked and candles are lit. But, he said he never participated in a ritual

While these claims were not tackled during the interview with the fitness guru, the idea that he is suffering from depression was not dismissed as well. Richard Simmons said survival is important for an overweight child or someone who is the subject of jokes, and it never leaves.

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