Sally Field, Max Greenfield Make Out On Ellen DeGeneres Show

Sally Field showed her eagerness to jump on her younger co-star, Max Greenfield, for a make out session when the two were guests at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The 69-year-old actress also revealed that she has no qualms about going out with a much younger man in real life while she talked about her upcoming movie.

Filed took on the role of a woman in her sixties with a passionate relationship with a co-worker who is younger than her. In the Heads Up game, the actress jumped at the opportunity to kiss the young actor. The game is similar to charades and Ellen has to take a guess at what the contestants are trying to act out.

After the host was able to guess a security pat-down, walking a dog and a proposal , the eyes of Sally Field lit up after the term “making out” came out of the game computer tablet of DeGeneres.

The actress immediately grabbed the face of the 35-year-old actor and kissed him on the lips. She even clambered on top of the actor for additional effect. DeGeneres forgot to guess what the two were acting out since she was captivated at the scene happening in front of her. However, the two were given a point as they received a total of five points in the game.

Sally Field, Max Greenfield Make Out On Ellen DeGeneres Show

Sally Field, Max Greenfield Make Out On Ellen DeGeneres Show -

Sally Field, who had dated Burt Reynolds in the past, admitted that she has no problems about becoming a cougar. She said she is open to going out with someone thirty years younger.

The upcoming movie is the first film of the actress since “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” in 2014. Sally Field also agreed to the opinion of the host that the love scene in the upcoming movie was a fantasy. The two admitted that the scene was shot in the second day of filming. Greenfield said the scene continued for around forty five minutes, which the audience can only imagine what happened.

The scene was so intense that after they shot it and pulled apart from each other, they thought they should have another take. The actress also said she did not know her co-star before they began to work together. She initially said she already knew about his work before she admitted, it was a lie. But, she added that she watched his work since then.

The actress has two children with her first husband, Steven Craig. She also had a long relationship with Burt Reynolds in the 70s before she married Alan Greisman in 1984. Sally Field and Griesman had a son before they divorced in 1993.

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