Space Jam 2 Coming To Theaters Soon

Earlier reports hinted at the possibility that Warner Bros. will release Space Jam 2 with Lebron James taking over the role played by Michael Jordan. It was public knowledge that the film studio and NBA star wanted to make the sequel to the Looney Tunes movie.

But, each time the topic emerged, the response always indicated that it will not be happening soon. While it remains uncertain when the sequel will hit the big screen, it already has a writer and negotiations with the director are currently undergoing. The star is also on board.

The reports initially emerged over two years ago. Lebron James never denied his interest in the movie and was among the people pushing for it to happen. A report from The Hollywood Reporter indicated that the project is now official. The script will be written by Alfredo Botello and Andrew Dodge while talks with Justin Lin to direct the movie are currently undergoing. Since the project is still being developed, there are no about the plot of Space Jam 2 for the moment.

Space Jam 2 Coming To Theaters Soon

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Speculations increased last year. After the positive mentions of Lebron James in his supporting role on “Trainwreck” stariing Amy Schumer, the NBA star signed a contract with the film studio. Since Warner Bros. was behind the original Space Jam and owns the characters of Looney Tunes, it resulted to speculations about the possibility that Space Jam 2 will actually come out.

Around two months ago, the producing partner of Lebron James at Springhill Entertainment confirmed the possibility that Space Jam2 will come out. However, it gave an impression that it was put in the back burner. The change in the status of the movie may have happened recently if this were true.

Michael Jordan starred in the original Space Jam and played a basketball game with invading aliens after he was recruited by Bugs Bunny and his friends. Space Jam 2 may follow a similar storyline with Lebron James taking over the role played by Michael Jordan.

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