Top 3 Best Farm Restaurants In The U.S.

Top 3 Best Farm Restaurants In The U.S.

Top 3 Best Farm Restaurants In The U.S.

The freshness and production quality of ingredients is beginning to take precedent when it comes to how guests choose a restaurant. This has led to the growth of farm-to-table restaurants in the last couple of years and is now leading to the appearance of farm restaurants. That’s right! It doesn’t get any fresher than this and when you throw in the fact that most cuts of meat or vegetables are free ranged you have a perfect blend of healthy and delicious food. If you want to try this new trend in the food industry, here are some of the best places to go in the United States:

Our Table In The Field – Sherwood, Oregon

If you want to eat some delicious cuts of meat and veggies, check out the local cooking talent and contribute to some deserving charitable causes then there is no better place than the Our Table in the Field farm. For an added bonus local wines from the surrounding vineyards are included to make everything that much tastier.

Glynwood Farm Dinners – Cold Spring, New York

If you want to always get a taste of some of the Hudson Valley’s best produce, make sure you check out Glynwood Farm Dinners. From fresh ciders to goat meat and everything in between is served here, depending on the season of course.

Suzie’s Farm – San Diego, California

Just a stone’s throw away from the Mexican border, this charming little farm hosts fun, themed parties while serving the best of local cuisine with locally produced ingredients. You’ve never had Mexican food like this.

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