Top 3 European Tourist Traps

Top 3 European Tourist Traps

Top 3 European Tourist Traps

Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and that doesn’t really come as a surprise when you think of the nearly infinite amount of amazing natural and man-made wonders that line the continent. From stunning cityscapes to picture perfect beaches, fairytale like castles, endless forests and imposing mountains, you really do get the best of everything in this uniquely diverse continent. This, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t places that try to take advantage of the brand and offer less than impressive attractions for a lot of money. So to know what tourist traps to avoid while in Europe check the list below:

Costa del Sol – Spain

Who hasn’t seen breathtaking pictures of the white sands, blue waters and endless parties of the Spanish coastline? Although some places still maintain some rural charm, most resorts are too successful for their own good, giving the impression of  an unauthentic, plastic experience made to squeeze as much money out of tourist’s pockets as possible.

Killarney – Ireland

Another once charming small town that has been overrun by tourists due to its success. The only impressive things being the endless traffic jams and the lines of strip malls. Don’t think you can avoid the traffic if you take a bus, tens and sometimes hundreds a day can be seen here.

General Tours – Europe

Tours that promise adventure, culture, history and fun, regardless of what European city they are based in are never a good idea. Other than some banal sites and word of mouth historic facts you will have spent up to 30 euros and 2 hours of your life with little to no payback.

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