Top 3 Places Foodies Can Try Peanut Butter Recipes

Top 3 Places Foodies Can Try Peanut Butter Recipes

Top 3 Places Foodies Can Try Peanut Butter Recipes

Everyone has had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; however, real hardcore foodies know that peanut butter is quite a versatile ingredient, one that can work with a number of dishes and treats. If you want to break the conventional norms of this tasty treat and try recipes that you would have never imagined worked with peanut butter than you should definitely check the following places out:

Randolph Beer – New York, New York

For a tasty, sweet, salty and sour treat you should definitely try this fantastic sandwich served at Randolph Beer in New York City. Peanut butter is spread over freshly baked bread and topped with jalapeno jelly and applewood smoked bacon to create a beautifully unique sandwich.

PYT – Philadelphia

This heart attack inducing treat is almost worth the risk when you consider the ingredients. Two battered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches covered in kettle chips act as buns for a hamburger patty that is marinated in banana-Srirache sauce. Add a generous portion of bacon and this unique and delicious monster is complete.

Hey PB & J – Denver

Called The Thai, this unique sandwich combines fresh ingredients and spices such as orange marmalade, coconut, basil and of course, crushed peanuts. Street food has never been tastier.

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