“Where’s My Mama? 2.0” Campaign Launched in Malaysia

“Where’s My Mama? 2.0” Campaign Launched in Malaysia

“Where’s My Mama? 2.0” Campaign Launched in Malaysia

The Slow Loris, one of the 25 most endangered primates in the world, shot to fame after various videos of the animal’s cute antics on YouTube went viral.

A public enamored by its cute and cuddly appearance is fueling the illegal trade with little realization that Slow Loris infants are often stolen from their mothers to cater to the clamor for an adorable pet. The mothers are often killed or sold separately — either way leaving the young on their own with little hope for survival.

The Slow Loris and its story will front the “Where’s My Mama? 2.0” campaign by The Body Shop® and TRAFFIC that aims to raise awareness among consumers about the impact their choices have on nature.

The campaign, now in its second-year, will also highlight other animals threatened by wildlife trafficking.

Among these is the eye-catching Tokay Gecko which many erroneously believe to cure HIV/AIDS. Despite a World Health Organization (WHO) statement that the gecko has no such medicinal properties, it is illegally traded in large numbers across Southeast Asia for this very reason.
The second phase of the campaign was launched at Paya Indah Wetlands today by the Honorable Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dato’ Sri Douglas Uggah Embas.

The Body Shop®, a long advocate in animal protection, began its partnership with TRAFFIC in 2011 with the first phase of the campaign. The awareness through postcards, posters and paper bags was brought to life thanks to the Orang Utan and Sun Bear whose sad portraits were the public face of the campaign.

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